A Journey Begins

The Tuned group came together as a group of three friends connected by the undergraduate Product Design program at Stanford University. After having dabbled for weeks on how we might redesign the way everyday people capture moments through photography, we realized we shared a common, stronger passion in music. We loved listening to music, discovering new artists, and sharing our favorite tracks with friends. When reflecting on this, we found that enjoying music often occurred in a social setting where one person has control over an entire speaker system. For example,  a team might share a speaker in their locker room, or a house would have a central speaker for events or parties. On the other end of those speakers was always a phone.

The problem with sharing music from a personal device through a shared sound system is that bias always occurs.

The problem with sharing music from a personal device through a shared sound system is that bias always occurs - someone who loves rap has a higher tendency to play rap, and the same happens with fans of other genres like EDM, alternative, or showtunes. That might not be a problem if everyone has the same music tastes, but in a diverse world with fluctuating moods and feelings, that simply doesn't happen. Moreover, with a single connection, this means it is nearly impossible for everyone to have the opportunity to share the music that they want to listen to. Frequently, we noticed that listeners that were disappointed with music being played in their environment often felt tempted to (and in some cases, actually did) unplug the currently playing device and replace it with their own, creating a discontinuous stream of music that ultimately resulted in some bitter feelings between members of the same community. We wanted to tackle this problem and reimagine new ways music could be shared socially.

And that's how Tuned was born.

Well... re-born.

Months earlier, Jack had briefly started work on Tuned, but the idea never came to fruition. The idea of a voting system for songs had been created as well as a few interface mockups, but no code was ever written. No testing had ever been done, no users had ever been given the app, and no progress had been made until the Tuned team decided to bring it back to life. The next two weeks were spent quickly building an entirely new user interface in a looks-like model, as well as preliminary testing with rough works-like prototypes consisting of paper laminated with packaging tape and dry-erase markers to validate the idea.

Fast forward a few weeks to today where an iOS app is currently in development! We are unbelievably thrilled and cannot wait to be able to bring this app to users to revolutionize the way people share music. We have exciting plans for future features of our app that we hope to bring in soon. In the meantime, we will be posting about our experiences in testing and building our iOS application. Be sure to keep in touch and follow our journey, and if you'd like to be one of the first testers of our app, sign up at gettunedapp.com to be a beta tester!




 Michael, Jack, and Loren

Michael, Jack, and Loren