Ditch the DJ

Playlists by the people, For the people


The Problem

As music enthusiasts, we realize how frustrating it can be to play music in social settings. Being in charge of playing music for a group of people is powerful, yet the fear of judgement from playing the wrong song or killing the vibe often sours that experience. On the other hand, when not in control, we desire a better way of suggesting songs, especially when someone hogs control of the speakers. When the control of the music lies solely in the hands of one individual, there is often a disconnect between the way you feel and the mood that the music is communicating. We felt there had to be a better way.


Introducing Tuned

With Tuned, we're bringing you the power to both influence and discover the music around you at sporting events, parties, and your local area. The Tuned app lets you suggest and vote for the songs that you want to listen to. Let Tuned help you and your friends create the experience that you want!



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